How To Lose Weight Effectively

fruityTo effectively lose weight, you should increase your activity levels in terms of physical exercise and eat a little because this will help in burning fat and calories. Every time you take on physical exercises and maintain your diet, you are sure to burn the excess fats and calories. For example, when you take between 1051 to 1200 calories in one day and exercise for a maximum time of one hour in the same day, you are likely to lose 2 to 5 pounds within one week making your ability todrop 10lbs in under 30 days a relatively easy task. It is also worth noting that reducing the amount of sodium or salt one consumes as well as starch consumption would result to reduction in fluids and their retention hence a maximum of 5 pounds loss in body fluids at the beginning.

Taking a well balanced diet is another way on how to lose weight effectively. You should make sure that your diet is that which limits added sugar, starch and animal fat such as meat and dairy products. A great diet plan to follow is the Venus Factor exercise and nutrition plan. Check out theĀ One should eat healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, white meat (that of fish and chicken), egg whites, soya products and dairy products with low fat content as well as drinking plenty of water. In addition to this, foods with high fiber content should also be included in the diet as part of healthy eating. At least 25 grams of fiber everyday will effectively help anyone to lose weight. Having a well balanced diet ensures that all the important minerals in the body are consumed hence proper control of metabolism.

Stress reduction should be ensured if one is to lose weight effectively. Stress is known to trigger the release of cortisol hormone that would increase your appetite and make fat deposits along the organs around your abdomen. This will in turn increase your weight as according to to a research done by the author of Fight Fat After Forty (Penguin, 2000), Pamela Peeke.

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