The Innovative Cat Litter Box Furniture that Conceals and Absorbs Odor

For those among you who have a cat, litterbox furniture is a thing that will excite you. Those who have cats for a pet know too well how excruciating it is to deal with litterboxes, especially the odor. It also becomes embarrassing if you have house guests and they see the cats mess lying around. Innovative litter enclosures have been developed to address these issues.


These convenient litter trays are now available in the market (see They are called litterbox furniture. This pet furniture is interesting because they come not only in box shape but also in fun designs such as plant pots and night stands. This is perfect to conceal the litter box wastes. Your cats just get in the litter box and do their thing without anyone seeing them. This innovative and stylish litter box saves you from feeling embarrassed whenever your guests sense the ordinary litter box you have.

Litter box furniture comes with some perks. They come with lovely switchable panels made of sustainable woods. You can change their panels whenever you feel like to change the design. You can also remove a panel when your cat needs a larger opening for entry. The materials used in litterbox furniture are durable enough. This makes them carry your weight for short-period sitting, say while putting on your shoes.

Cat litter box furniture panels aren’t only appealing to the eye. They are also specially treated and contain volcanic rock packets in their interior that absorb odor so that your houses atmosphere is spared from irritating cat waste odor. When you notice that the panels no longer absorb the odor, restoring their odor absorbing capacity is easy.

To restore the panels odor absorption, you just have to lay them outside your house under the sun. When exposed to sunlight, the volcanic rocks discharge the odor it absorbed. After this, the panels are sort of recharged. Litter box furniture is usually made in the United States. The materials they are made of are not treated with any chemicals that are harmful to your cat’s health as well as to your household members.

The litter box furniture is usually made of woods and particle boards. Each piece is crafted well and is durable to last longer than you intend them to. Now that you know how litter box furniture can make dealing with your cat’s litter box much easier, you may want to have one for your pet. Choose from the exciting design available in the market and treat your cat to a lovely and private litter box.